SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband
8394 $
Experience the power of maritime broadband connectivity with the SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband system. This compact and reliable system is designed to fit seamlessly on almost any vessel, making it an ideal choice for enhancing communication, boosting operational efficiency, and improving safety on board. Equipped with a high-performance antenna, lightweight hardware and user-friendly interface, the SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband supports simultaneous voice, data, and SMS services, ensuring that both recreational and commercial maritime users can stay connected at all times. Enhance your maritime communications and stay ahead of the curve with the SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband.
Thrane IP Handset incl. Cradle, Wired
1314 $
Upgrade your communication experience with the Thrane IP Handset, complete with an included Cradle and Wired connection. This superior-quality handset provides crystal clear voice calls over IP networks, ensuring seamless and reliable communication. The cradle ensures that your handset stays securely in place and the sleek, ergonomic design offers comfortable and easy handling. With advanced features such as noise reduction technology and user-friendly interface, the Thrane IP Handset is perfect for both professional and personal use. Moreover, its robust construction is built for longevity and consistent performance. Enhance your communication setup with the unbeatable combination of functionality and convenience that the Thrane IP Handset with Cradle and Wired connection offers.
Thrane IP Handset Including Cradle, Wireless
1674 $
Experience seamless communication with the Thrane IP Handset, featuring a wireless design for optimum mobility and convenience. This versatile handset comes complete with a cradle for secure storage and easy charging, ensuring your device remains fully powered for those essential calls. Designed to provide robust functionality and ease-of-use, the Thrane IP Handset is perfect for both on-the-go professionals and home users. Its compatibility with various IP systems allows for effortless integration into your existing communication setup. Make crystal clear calls and stay connected wherever you are with the Thrane IP Handset with Cradle, Wireless.
414 $
Unlock the full potential of your FleetBroadband terminals with the SAILOR SIM Lock 403738A-004. Specifically designed for seamless integration and enhanced control, this essential accessory allows you to manage and restrict access to your satellite communications system. By securing your SIM card, you can effectively limit unauthorized usage and prevent overspending on data plans. It offers straightforward installation and compatibility with various FleetBroadband terminals, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free experience. Invest in the SAILOR SIM Lock for a smarter, safer, and more efficient satellite communication setup.
SAILOR Cable Support Kit, Basic
234 $
The SAILOR Cable Support Kit, Basic is a reliable and robust solution, designed for seamless integration with FleetBroadband systems. This essential kit ensures easy and secure installation of cables in marine environments, providing support and protection for optimal performance. The kit includes high-quality components, such as stainless steel cable clamps, ensuring durability in harsh conditions at sea. Ideal for commercial and recreational vessels, this basic cable support kit is an essential accessory for maintaining reliable and uninterrupted communications. Invest in the SAILOR Cable Support Kit to enhance the performance and longevity of your FleetBroadband system.
SAILOR Cable Support Kit, Extended
954 $
Experience enhanced cable management with the SAILOR Cable Support Kit, Extended for FleetBroadband. This comprehensive kit is specifically designed to provide optimal support to your cables, ensuring increased durability and reduced wear and tear on your FleetBroadband system components. The extended support offers additional length for better flexibility when setting up, maintaining, or upgrading your maritime communication installations. By preventing cable slips, snags, and accidental disconnections, the SAILOR Cable Support Kit contributes to smoother, more reliable communications on board. Invest in the efficiency and reliability of your FleetBroadband system by incorporating the SAILOR Cable Support Kit, Extended into your maritime communication setup.
SAILOR Mast Mount Kit
354 $
Enhance your vessel's communication capabilities with the SAILOR Mast Mount Kit, designed specifically for FleetBroadband systems. This essential accessory enables you to easily secure your satellite antenna onto your boat's mast, ensuring optimal positioning and connectivity even in harsh maritime environments. Crafted from high-quality materials and designed to withstand extreme conditions, the SAILOR Mast Mount Kit offers durability and reliability for uninterrupted communication out at sea. Don't let poor signal strength or antenna placement limit your communication range. Opt for the SAILOR Mast Mount Kit and experience exceptional satellite connectivity like never before.
Tray for Wall Mounting of SAILOR 6080 AC/DC Power Supply
126 $
Upgrade your installation capabilities with our high-quality wall mounting tray, specifically designed for the seamless integration of SAILOR 6080 AC/DC Power Supply. This durable and sturdy tray ensures a reliable and space-saving solution for securing your power supply unit to the wall, offering enhanced versatility in various marine and industrial environments. Its robust construction provides excellent stability and protection for your power supply, while making it significantly easier to connect and maintain. Optimize your workspace and improve overall performance with this essential accessory for your SAILOR 6080 AC/DC Power Supply.
SAILOR 3771 Alarm Panel FleetBroadband
594 $
Enhance your communication and safety at sea with the SAILOR 3771 Alarm Panel FleetBroadband. Designed for seamless integration with FleetBroadband systems, this reliable and efficient alarm panel allows for quick and easy access to emergency and distress functions. The package includes a sturdy U-bracket and a flush mounting kit to ensure hassle-free installation in various marine environments. The user-friendly, comprehensive installation guide ensures a stress-free setup process. Equip your vessel with the SAILOR 3771 Alarm Panel FleetBroadband and enjoy peace of mind knowing that vital communication and emergency features are always at hand.
SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband
11994 $
Experience seamless connectivity at sea with the SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband system. This comprehensive package includes a robust Above Deck Unit (403050A) and a Below Deck Unit (403738A), facilitating reliable communication and internet access on your vessel. The set also comes with a Thrane IP Handset (403670A) featuring a user-friendly interface and wired cradle, ensuring smooth communication on board. The bundle is completed with a SAILOR Cable Support Kit, a 25-meter Antenna Cable, and a detailed User/Installation Manual. Ideal for various maritime applications, the SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband system delivers high-quality voice and data capabilities, keeping you connected at all times.
SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband in 19-inch Rack
12954 $
Discover the SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband in a 19" Rack, a reliable and efficient maritime communication solution. This package includes a 403050A SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband Above Deck Unit and 403738A SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband Below Deck Unit, housed in a convenient 19" rack for easy installation. Alongside, a 403670A Thrane IP Handset with a wired cradle ensures seamless connectivity. The kit also features a SAILOR Cable Support Kit and a 25-meter basic SAILOR Antenna Cable for optimum performance. A user and installation manual is provided to assist with setup and maintenance. Enhance your maritime communication experience with this essential system.
SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband
22014 $
Experience seamless and reliable connectivity at sea with the SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband Basic System. This powerful maritime communication solution delivers data speeds up to 432 kbps, ensuring uninterrupted access to high-speed internet, voice calls, email, and video conferencing. Its compact and sturdy design is built to withstand harsh marine environments, making it ideal for various types of vessels, including commercial, fishing, and leisure. Additionally, the system supports Inmarsat's global broadband satellite coverage to keep you connected anywhere in the world. Upgrade your vessel's communication capabilities with the SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband and stay connected even in the most remote locations.
SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband in 19-inch Rack
23214 $
Experience seamless communication on the high seas with the SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband in a 19" Rack, a reliable and efficient maritime communication solution for your vessel. This top-notch system offers high-speed data services, voice calls, email support, and broadband internet access on a compact 19" rack, making it perfect even for small spaces. Built with exceptional performance and modern technology, the SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband system delivers reliable network connectivity across oceans and at high latitudes, ensuring a smooth voyage with uninterrupted communication. Upgrade your vessel's communication capabilities with this industry-leading system and stay connected, no matter where your maritime adventures take you.
SAILOR 6110 GMDSS System
7182 $
Experience unmatched performance and reliability with the SAILOR 6110 GMDSS System, a top-tier satellite transceiver system designed for comprehensive ship tracking, monitoring, messaging, and distress communications. This cutting-edge system stands out as the world's most powerful and user-friendly solution, ensuring smooth and efficient maritime communication. Equipped with GMDSS, SSAS, and LRIT functionalities, the SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS sets the standard for dependable and seamless safety and security at sea. Trust the SAILOR 6110 for all your marine communication needs, and navigate with confidence.
SAILOR 6110 GMDSS System - 50M Cable
7302 $
Upgrade your vessel's communication capabilities with the SAILOR 6110 GMDSS System 50M Cable - a groundbreaking, high-performing satellite transceiver system that sets a new standard in ship tracking, monitoring, messaging, and distress communications. As the world's most reliable and user-friendly solution, the SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS not only fulfills GMDSS requirements but also includes additional functionality for SSAS and LRIT. Its advanced capabilities ensure seamless connectivity and safety for your maritime operations, making it an essential investment for any modern vessel. Experience unparalleled communication and peace of mind with the SAILOR 6110 GMDSS system.
SAILOR SSAS Add-On Kit for SAILOR 6110
1554 $
Enhance your maritime communication system with the SAILOR SSAS add-on kit, specifically designed for the SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS terminal. This vital accessory is developed to bolster your ship security alert system (SSAS) and ensure compliance with international regulations and safety standards. The add-on kit provides a seamless integration with your existing SAILOR 6110 terminal and offers a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring and alert transmissions. Trust the SAILOR SSAS add-on kit for an effective response to potential security threats and a continuous connection with your shore-based emergency responders during distress situations at sea.
SAILOR SSAS Add-On Kit (US Version) for SAILOR 6110
1554 $
Upgrade your SAILOR 6110 with the SAILOR SSAS add-on kit (US version) to enhance your maritime communication system's capabilities. This easy-to-install kit provides the Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) feature that enables you to discreetly send a security alert to authorities or your company's security officer in case of a threat or emergency. Compatible with the SAILOR 6110 GMDSS system, this add-on kit is specifically designed for the US market and ensures compliance with various regulatory requirements. Invest in the safety and security of your crew and vessel by integrating this essential add-on into your existing communication setup.
SAILOR GLONASS Add-On Kit for SAILOR 61xx Mini-C
540 $
Upgrade your SAILOR 61xx mini-C system with the SAILOR GLONASS add-on kit, designed to enhance your navigation capabilities. This add-on kit features GLONASS technology, a global satellite navigation system from Russia, which works in conjunction with GPS for improved accuracy and coverage. Ideal for maritime applications, this kit ensures constant and precise positioning, even in remote or challenging environments. Easy to install and compatible with SAILOR 61xx mini-C systems, the GLONASS add-on kit provides an extra layer of reliability and performance for a safer and more efficient journey at sea.
Micro NMEA2000 Tee
42 $
The Micro NMEA2K Tee is a compact and reliable connector designed for efficiently and effortlessly creating new branches within your NMEA 2000 network. This essential accessory is indispensable for any marine electronics installation as it allows you to easily expand your network with new devices such as sensors, displays, and other NMEA compliant equipment. Built to withstand harsh marine environments, the Micro NMEA2K Tee features gold-plated contacts for superior data transmission and corrosion resistance, ensuring that your network stays securely connected even in the most demanding conditions. Upgrade and expand your boat's electronic capabilities with the reliable Micro NMEA2K Tee connector.
Inline Micro Termination Connector
24 $
The Inline Micro Termination Conn is a compact and efficient connector designed for reliable and secure termination in various applications. This innovative product features a sturdy build, ensuring maximum durability and long-lasting performance, making it perfect for use in environments where a strong connection is essential. Its premium materials and easy installation process make it a popular choice among professionals in multiple industries. Additionally, its small footprint and compatibility with a wide range of cable types allow for seamless integration in any setup. Invest in the Inline Micro Termination Conn for top-notch connectivity solutions and experience the difference in performance and reliability.
Male Mini NMEA 2000 Field Connector
24 $
Upgrade your marine electronics with the Male Mini NMEA2K Field Conn, a vital component designed for easy and efficient connection in NMEA 2000 systems. This compact and robust male field attachable connector allows for quick and secure installation, eliminating the need for additional cumbersome tools or equipment. With its compact design and quality materials, this connector is built to provide optimum performance and durability in harsh marine environments. Its universal compatibility with NMEA 2000 networks ensures seamless integration with a range of marine devices, enhancing your nautical experience. Invest in the Male Mini NMEA2K Field Conn and stay connected on the water!
Male Micro NMEA 2000 Field Connector
30 $
The Male Micro NMEA2K Field Conn is an essential accessory for your marine electronic devices, enabling seamless connectivity and communication between various components through the NMEA 2000 network. This high-quality, field-installable connector offers a secure and reliable connection for your on-board systems, such as GPS, weather, and navigation devices. Its male Micro design ensures compatibility with a wide range of equipment and makes installation a breeze. Whether you're upgrading existing components or setting up a new vessel, the Male Micro NMEA2K Field Conn will help enhance the performance and functionality of your marine electronic network.
Opt. Female Mini NMEA 2K Field Connector
72 $
Upgrade your marine electronics with the Opt. Female Mini NMEA2K field connector, a high-quality and reliable component for your vessel's networking system. Designed for easy installation and compatibility with various marine devices, this connector allows for quick and secure connections to the NMEA 2000 network. It features gold-plated contacts to ensure low resistance and minimal signal loss, maximizing the efficiency of your integrated marine systems. The durable, waterproof design of the Opt. Female Mini NMEA2K field connector ensures long-lasting performance in harsh marine environments, making it an essential addition to your boat's communication and navigation setup. Invest in this versatile connector to streamline your on-board technology and enhance your overall boating experience.
6m NMEA 2K Micro Device Cable
105 $
Upgrade your marine electronics system with the 6m NMEA2000 Micro Device Cable. This high-quality cable is specifically designed for seamless integration of your NMEA2000 devices, ensuring optimum data transfer and reliable performance. Measuring 6 meters in length, this cable gives you the flexibility needed to connect various components within your vessel's system, such as sensors, displays, and control units. The cable is equipped with a micro connection and features a robust construction that is built to withstand challenging marine environments. With its superior durability and efficient data transmission capabilities, this cable presents an essential element for any successful marine electronics setup. Experience unparalleled connectivity and enhance the performance of your NMEA2000 network with this reliable and versatile cable.