List of products by brand TS2 Satellite

Emergency Kit 9505A US Made - Post Paid (Solio and Pelican Open Market)
2027.82 $
The Solio & Pelican Open Market Emergency Kit 9505A US Made - Post Paid offers complete preparedness for various emergency situations at home or at the workplace. This comprehensive kit features all the essential items a family needs to stay safe and comfortable during disasters such as drinking water, first aid supplies, blankets, pocket radio, and more. Manufactured in the US, the kit's post paid pricing ensures that it remains an accessible choice for any budget, making it a must-have for assured peace of mind during unforeseen emergencies.
Emergency Kit 9505A US Made - Prepaid (Solio & Pelican Open Market)
2027.82 $
The Emergency Kit 9505A US Made, brought to you by Solio and Pelican, is your all-in-one solution for any unexpected situation. This expertly curated kit features a SOLIO Tesla rechargeable torch, ensuring you'll never be left in the dark, while the Pelican stringer first aid kit provides all the essentials for treating minor injuries. Additionally, you'll receive 6' of USA made 500lb paracord, ideal for a variety of purposes in times of need. Designed to be perfect for camping, hiking, home, and auto emergencies, this top-of-the-line kit is easy to pack, store, and deploy in just a matter of minutes. Be prepared for any situation with this comprehensive Emergency Kit 9505A.
Emergency Kit for 9555 - No SIM Card/Existing Customer
1585 $
The Emergency Kit for 9555 caters specifically to existing customers who are in need of a SIM card. This kit conveniently packages a SIM card along with all essential identification documents and step-by-step instructions, allowing for a seamless setup process for your new device. Additionally, the kit comes with an array of useful tools to facilitate a swift and hassle-free transition. Experience the comfort and ease of having everything you need to set up your device in one handy kit.
Emergency Kit for 9555 - Postpaid Service
1585 $
Stay prepared for any unexpected situation with the Emergency Kit for 9555 - Post Paid Service – a must-have accessory for all 9555 service plan users. This comprehensive kit comes packed in a sturdy, waterproof carrying case and contains all the essential supplies required to repair and maintain your 9555 devices during an emergency. Inside, you will find a wide range of spare parts, a handy emergency toolset, a useful testing module, and a detailed repair manual. Ensure the longevity of your 9555 post paid devices and be ready to tackle any emergency with this all-inclusive Emergency Kit.
Emergency Kit for 9555 - Prepaid Service
1585 $
Stay prepared for emergencies with the comprehensive Emergency Kit designed exclusively for your 9555 Pre-Paid Service. This all-inclusive kit ensures your 9555 Pre-Paid Service functions seamlessly during unexpected situations. Featuring a backup battery, signal booster, essential electrical components, and a detailed manual, you can confidently handle any challenges that come your way. The Emergency Kit's reliable and durable tools provide the security and convenience necessary for maintaining top-notch performance during critical times. Be ready for whatever life throws at you with this must-have kit for your 9555 Pre-Paid Service.
Emergency Kit for 9555 - Without Solar Charger
1585 $
The Emergency Kit for 9555 - No Solar Charger is a must-have accessory for those using a 9555 Model phone without the solar charging feature. Designed to keep your phone powered during emergency situations, this all-in-one kit is housed in a durable storage case. Key components include a solar panel charger, an extra battery, multiple cell phone adapters, charging cables, and a USB cable with a charger. With this Emergency Kit, you'll never be caught off-guard with a dead phone when it's crucial to stay connected.
Emergency Kit for 9575 - No SIM Card/Existing Customer
1585 $
The Emergency Kit for 9575 is designed to cater to existing customers who require a SIM card-free solution for making hands-free calls. This exceptional kit provides a seamless experience and is ideal for emergency situations, as well as small businesses seeking a versatile and dependable communication solution. Included in the kit are a speaker, microphone, power supply, and remote control, enabling effortless activation and operation. Don't let the absence of a SIM card hinder your communication needs-choose the Emergency Kit for 9575 for a superior hands-free calling experience.
Emergency Kit for 9575 - Postpaid Service
1585 $
Be prepared for any emergency situation with the Emergency Kit for 9575 - Post Paid Service. Ideal for both home and business use, this comprehensive kit helps you stay safe and secure during power outages, damage, and other unexpected events. The kit contains essential tools and supplies, including batteries, a smoke detector, key meter, self-test GFCI, and more. By investing in the Emergency Kit for 9575 - Post Paid Service, you'll gain peace of mind knowing you have reliable resources to help you navigate through any challenging circumstance. Don't leave your safety to chance; be proactive and prepare for the unexpected.
Emergency Kit for 9575 - Prepaid Service
1585 $
Be prepared for any roadside or off-road emergency with the Emergency Kit for 9575 - Pre Paid Service. This comprehensive kit includes crucial items such as a safety triangle, reflective warning vest, tire pressure gauge, puncture repair kit, tow rope, and duct tape. All of these essential tools come packed in a convenient canvas zip bag, making it easy to store in your vehicle. This must-have Emergency Kit ensures that you have the necessary equipment to handle various emergency situations on the road and beyond. Don't leave home without it!
Iridium Comcenter II Outdoor - Citadel Comcenter Outdoor Solution
4258.68 $
The Iridium Citadel Comcenter II Outdoor Solution offers secure and powerful communication capabilities, perfect for harsh and remote environments. Providing reliable voice, messaging, and data services, this system is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for agricultural, land surveying, construction, and remote planning applications. Its superior durability and extensive signal coverage allow for efficient and effective communication. The user-friendly interface enables simple configuration and management from any location, ensuring seamless connectivity wherever you may be.
IsatPhone Pro Carry Case
24 $
The IsatPhone Pro Carry Case is designed to offer both protection and portability for your satellite phone. Made from high-quality, durable materials, this case ensures that your IsatPhone Pro remains secure and protected from scratches, drops, and other potential damages during travel. With its sleek and functional design, this carry case features a sturdy handle and compartments to store important accessories like chargers and cables. It's lightweight and easy to carry so that you can have your satellite phone ready for use wherever you go. Invest in the IsatPhone Pro Carry Case and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your essential communication device is safely stored and ready for your next adventure.