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Vixen AC 80/910 A80Mf Porta-II Telescope
430.38 $
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Discover the stars and unravel the mysteries of the universe with the Vixen AC 80/910 A80Mf Porta-II Telescope. This compact and durable instrument is perfect for detailed moon and planetary observations. Its high-quality optics produces crystal clear images, contributing to a rewarding and fulfilling stargazing experience. Its excellent refractor design is complemented with an 80mm aperture and 910mm focal length, which ensures optimal light transmission for bright and sharp views. Ideal for both beginner and veteran astronomers, this telescope will surely take your sky gazing activities to a whole new level. Invest in your scientific curiosity and explore the cosmos right at the comfort of your own backyard with the Vixen AC 80/910 A80Mf Porta-II Telescope.
Vixen AKR BR 20x80 WP binoculars
398.8 $
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The Vixen AKR BR 20x80 WP binoculars are a versatile addition to the AKR series. Expertly designed, these binoculars feature a large aperture, making them perfect for both astro and ground observation, particularly at great distances. With a nitrogen-filled and waterproof construction, they can withstand various weather conditions, allowing you to explore the world around you without hindrance. Add these robust and high-performance binoculars to your outdoor gear for an enhanced observational experience. Note, these binoculars' superior quality and durable design make them an ideal choice for nature lovers, space enthusiasts, and adventurers alike. Discover the unseen with these exceptional binoculars.
Vixen ARTES 6x21 ED monocular
353.46 $
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The Vixen ARTES 6x21 ED monocular sets the standard for portability and convenience. Significantly smaller and lighter than regular binoculars, this monocular is perfectly suited to a range of activities including theater-going, attending exhibitions, or participating in seminars. Despite its compact size, it offers power magnification and retains the functionality of larger products. A combination of its stylish design and excellent performance makes the Vixen ARTES 6x21 ED monocular perfect for those in need of an easy-to-carry magnifying solution without the bulk and heaviness of traditional binoculars.
Vixen Artes J 10x42 DCF Binoculars
580.72 $
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The ATREK VIXEN ARTES J 10x42 DCF binoculars offer exceptional quality and versatility. Excelling both in astro and ground observation, these binoculars are particularly effective for viewing long distances. Notably, they feature a large aperture which ensures a brighter, clearer image. With a waterproof construction and nitrogen-filled chambers, these binoculars are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for outdoor explorations. Their 10x42 magnification provides detailed and sharp images, ideal for wildlife viewing, sports events, and more. Experience the world in greater detail with the ATREK VIXEN series of binoculars.
Vixen Artes J 8x42 DCF Binoculars
563.73 $
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The Vixen Artes J 8x42 DCF binoculars belong to the advanced ATREK VIXEN series, specifically designed for impressive astro and ground observation. They are especially effective for viewing objects at long distances. These binoculars are durable and dependable, thanks to their waterproof quality and nitrogen-filled body. Stability during use is guaranteed due to a large-aperture attribute. These cutting-edge features make these binoculars an ideal choice for both stargazers and nature observers. Undoubtedly, they are built to deliver excellent visibility and ultimate performance, offering a unique viewing experience.
Vixen Atrek II 10x32 DCF Binoculars
218.68 $
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The Vixen ATREK II 10x32 DCF binoculars are a state-of-the-art model from the ATREK II series. Not only do they boast exceptional resistance to water, but they also feature the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship. These binoculars are compact and practical, yet they deliver impeccable performance even to the most demanding users. With a 10x magnification and 32mm objective lens, they offer clear and vibrant images, making them perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, bird watchers, or anyone in need of a durable and reliable pair of binoculars. Their robust design ensures that they can withstand the test of time and the wear and tear of countless adventures.
Vixen Atrek II 10x42 DCF Binoculars
271.37 $
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The VIXEN ATREK II 10x42 DCF Binoculars herald a cutting-edge series defined by exceptional waterproofing quality and a remarkable level of craftsmanship. Made with premium materials, these binoculars are not just another addition to the market, but an extraordinary tool designed for the discerning user. Highly compact, they are perfect for individuals who appreciate portability without compromising performance. Featuring 10x magnification, they offer a comprehensive viewing experience, whether you're bird watching, hiking, or venturing into the wilderness. Their robust fabrication allows them to withstand adverse weather conditions, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. These binoculars offer nothing short of a superior, convenient, and immersive viewing experience.
Vixen ATREK II 8x32 DCF Binoculars
209.73 $
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The VIXEN ATREK II 8x32 DCF binoculars are a new addition to our store with unique features to enhance your outdoor adventures. These binoculars boast excellent craftsmanship using only the highest quality materials. What sets them apart is their extreme compactness and water resistance, making them suitable for a variety of demanding conditions and environments. Ideal for users who require superior performance and durability, the ATREK II ensures clear and detailed observations, whether you're bird watching, hunting, or exploring the great outdoors. Invest in these advanced binoculars for a lifetime of extraordinary viewing experiences.
Vixen ATREK II 8x42 DCF Binoculars
262.42 $
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The Vixen ATREK II 8x42 DCF Binoculars represent the newest generation in the ATREK series, boasting superior water resistance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Made from high-grade materials, these binoculars are designed for durability, promising long-term use and exceptional performance under many conditions. One key feature of this binocular series is its compact form, ensuring ease of portability and storage. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and those who need reliable gear for discerning observation, these binoculars cater to the needs of demanding users. Not only they offer 8x magnification power, but they also encompass a 42mm objective lens diameter, optimizing light transmission for bright and clear views. Experience nature through a new lens with the Vixen ATREK II 8x42 DCF Binoculars.
Vixen Geoma II 67 A (20x67) spotting scope
419.79 $
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Get a closer look at the world around you with the top-quality Vixen Geoma II 67 A (20x67) spotting scope. Manufactured in Japan, these scopes offer cutting-edge optical technology for exceptional clarity and high-resolution imaging. The Vixen Geoma II series is well-regarded for its superior performance and reliability, ensuring that you'll have the perfect tool to observe nature's details from a comfortable distance. Ideal for bird watching, hunting, or any activity that requires precise attention to detail, the Vixen Geoma II 67 A scope offers an optimal balance between magnification, field of view, and brightness. Elevate your observation experience with this dynamic and high-performing spotting scope.
Vixen Geoma II ED 52-S Spotting Scope
386.81 $
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The Vixen GEOMA II ED 52-S is a highly compact, waterproof spotting scope, made in Japan with uncompromising precision. Despite its sleek, minimalist profile of less than 180mm in length, it boasts an impressive focal length of 278mm. Courtesy of its split body design, this scope takes portability and convenience to new heights, allowing you to easily transport it for your outdoor observational activities. Furthermore, it features a robust design that ensures it can withstand inclement weather conditions and still provides you with crystal-clear, razor-sharp images. Choose this spotting scope if you value superior optical performance and durability in a compact package.
Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-A spotting scope
796.3 $
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Discover the sheer power and precision of the Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-A spotting scope. Regarded as among the most advanced series of spotting scopes made in Japan, VIXEN's GEOMA ED II stands out with its exceptional capabilities. It features extra-low dispersion (ED) glass to deliver an incredibly clear and sharp focus, providing superior color reproduction and eliminating any chromatic aberration. Perfect for those keen on outdoor activities like bird watching and stargazing, this spotting scope offers impressive resolution and brightness, irrespective of the operating conditions or distance. Experience precision like no other with the Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-A spotting scope, your ideal companion for a superior viewing experience.
Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-A spotting scope with GLH48T eyepiece
1018.23 $
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The Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-A spotting scope, complete with a GLH48T eyepiece, represents the pinnacle of Japanese optics. This spotting scope is part of Vixen's most sophisticated series, offering users impeccable clarity and precision. With an Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass, the Geoma II delivers sharp, bright images with excellent color fidelity. The 67-A model is specifically designed for superior performance during daylight viewing. The powerful GLH48T eyepiece enhances your viewing experience, allowing for detailed observations. Whether you're into bird watching, hunting, or astronomy, this advanced spotting scope should be at the top of your list.
Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-S spotting scope
787.27 $
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The Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-S is a premium spotting scope, hailed as the pinnacle of Japanese optical technology. Boasting superior levels of clarity and brightness, it's designed with precision and excellence in mind. This advanced series of spotting scopes comes with ED glass elements, capable of reducing chromatic aberrations for sharper images. Its 67mm objective lens allows for improved light gathering, ensuring bright and high-contrast views, even in low-light conditions. Offering supreme performance and unrivaled observation for all nature enthusiasts and outdoor explorers, the Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-S spotting scope is a perfect choice for bird watching, wildlife, or scenery observation, and arguably the most vital equipment for long-distance terrestrial viewing.
Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-S spotting scope with GLH48T eyepiece
991.12 $
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The Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-S spotting scope, complete with a GLH48T eyepiece, represents the pinnacle of Japanese optics technology. This top-of-the-line spotting scope offers an impressively detailed and sharp image quality, courtesy of its Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass, which virtually eliminates chromatic aberration. Coupled with the high-quality GLH48T eyepiece, the scope provides an incredibly high contrast and resolution, perfect for birdwatching, stargazing, or observing the natural world in vivid detail. Its sturdy construction and reliable performance make it a favorite among serious nature enthusiasts and professional astronomers alike. Additionally, the scope is made by Vixen, a trusted and respected name in the world of optics, known for producing durable, high-performance products that stand the test of time. Experience the world from a fresh perspective with the Vixen GEOMA II ED 67-S spotting scope.
Vixen GEOMA II ED 82-A spotting scope
1150.78 $
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The Vixen GEOMA II ED 82-A is a superior class of spotting scope made in Japan. Designed intricately for the tech-savvy explorer, this scope offers a blend of top-notch technology and durable construction. It boasts an extra-low dispersion (ED) lens system that enhances optical performance for sharper, clearer and more detailed images. Crafted to provide a bright, wide field of view from its 82mm objective lens, it also has a dual focus system for fine-tuning your observations. It's not just the top-tier optics that set this scope apart; it's also waterproof to withstand variable weather conditions, making it a prime preference for serious terrestrial and astronomical observing. The Vixen GEOMA II ED 82-A is indeed a pinnacle of fine engineering and superior optics.
Vixen GEOMA II ED 82-A spotting scope with GLH48T eyepiece
1327.52 $
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Experience superior quality in your nature observation and terrestrial viewing with the Vixen GEOMA II ED 82-A spotting scope equipped with a GLH48T eyepiece. This top-of-the-line, Japanese-made scope offers unparalleled clarity and focus, featuring GLH48T eyepiece and Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass that ensures minimal chromatic aberration and super sharp imaging. The large 82mm objective lens allows maximum light gathering, providing bright and crisp visuals even in low light. The smooth focusing mechanism of GEOMA II ED enhances your viewing experience by making adjustments easy and accurate. Designed to excel in both durability and flexibility, this spotting scope is a perfect tool for bird watching, astronomical viewing, or any type of long-range outdoor observation.
Vixen GEOMA II ED 82-S spotting scope
1106.6 $
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Discover the world in intricate detail with the Vixen GEOMA II ED 82-S spotting scope. With an extraordinary capacity to deliver clear, crisp images, this high-tech instrument originates from Japan, ensuring unwavering quality and precision. The key advantage of this scope is its exceptional ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, effectively reducing chromatic aberration to nearly zero. This guarantees you a stunning, high-contrast view no matter what you're observing. With its 82mm aperture, the Vixen GEOMA II ED 82-S is ideal for viewing in low light conditions. Equipped with advanced features, this spotting scope represents the next stage in optical viewing technology, confirming once again Vixen's commitment to providing top-of-the-line equipment for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.
Vixen GEOMA II ED 82-S spotting scope with GLH48T eyepiece
1283.33 $
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The Vixen GEOMA II ED 82-S is a high-end spotting scope known for its exceptional performance. This model comes with a GLH48T eyepiece that enhances the viewing experience by providing a broader field of vision. It's fitted with extraordinary ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass that significantly reduces chromatic aberration, delivering clearer and sharper views. This spotting scope has a compact and lightweight design, making it portable and ideal for nature observation and long-distance viewing. Made in Japan, the Vixen GEOMA ED II is renowned for its incredible optical prowess and precision engineering, offering users a sophisticated and powerful optical device. Breathtaking clarity, detailed resolution, and brilliant color reproduction are just a few qualities that set this spotting scope from Vixen apart from the competition.
Vixen Porta II Mount with Tripod (SKU: X002518)
311.57 $
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The Vixen Porta II mount with tripod (SKU: X002518) is a revolutionary mounting solution by VIXEN, that efficiently amalgamates quick assembly, system stability, and user-friendly operation. Uniquely designed to provide unparalleled convenience without the dependence on polar alignment or hefty counterweights, this universal mounting assembly is compatible with most standard dovetails. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free attachment to a variety of optical tubes, telescopes or binoculars. What sets the PORTA II apart is its compact size and feather-light build, making it a top pick for portability. Whether you're planning to transport your equipment or arrange unexpected observing sessions, this mount and tripod is the perfect accessory to dove-tail perfectly with your needs.