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Omegon AC 102/660 AZ-3 Telescope
362.84 $
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Discover the breathtaking beauty of celestial bodies with the Omegon AC 102/660 AZ-3 Telescope. This telescope is perfect for sky gazing and observing comets, the cosmic wanderers originating from the depths of our solar system. With its grand field of view, it allows for immersive and extensive celestial exploration. Further, its fast optics ensure sharp and clear observations, turning your stargazing into a remarkable experience. Its agile functionality coupled with impressive performance means you get a front row seat for the majestic celestial show unfolding in the night sky. This rugged telescope is your ideal companion for your astronomy journey, delivering an unrivaled stargazing experience.
Omegon AC 80/400 AZ-3 Telescope
282.21 $
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The Omegon AC 80/400 AZ-3 Telescope is your perfect partner for sky-gazing adventures. Experience the thrill of spotting wandering comets originating from the depths of our solar system with this powerful optic tool. Featuring an 80mm aperture and a 400mm focal length, this telescope can help you unlock mysteries of the universe from your backyard. With its AZ-3 mount, it provides stable and smooth maneuvering. Whether you're a novice star-gazer or an experienced amateur astronomer, the Omegon 80/400 AZ-3 Telescope offers an impressive view of the vast expanse of the night sky. This telescope is ideal for anyone looking to explore and marvel at spectacular astronomical phenomena.
Omegon Advanced N 152/1200 Dobson Telescope
524.12 $
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Experience celestial vistas like never before with the Omegon Advanced N 152/1200 Dobsonian telescope. With its ability to deliver premium views of planets, galaxies, and nebulae, you're in for an astronomical treat. Its high magnification allows for detailed examination of your celestial targets, without compromising on the clarity. Boasting a rockerbox mount, it offers hassle-free movement, letting you accurately point towards any object in the night sky with ease and precision. Whether you're a seasoned stargazer or a budding astronomy enthusiast, this Dobsonian telescope from Omegon is sure to enhance your night-sky viewing sessions.
Omegon Advanced N 203/1200 Dobson telescope
634.99 $
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Explore the cosmos as never before with the Omegon Advanced N 203/1200 Dobson telescope. This advanced telescope offers unparalleled views of celestial bodies from planets to nebulae and distant galaxies, delivering a high-grade viewing experience. Thanks to its generous 203mm aperture and 1200mm focal length, you can expect bright, clear images even at high magnifications. With the seamlessly crafted rocker box mount, you'll find navigating to any celestial object in the night sky isn't just easy, it's also incredibly swift. Discover a new passion for astronomy with this exquisite piece of equipment!
Omegon Alpheon NV 5x40 night vision device
226.93 $
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Discover the secrets of the night with the Omegon Alpheon NV 5x40 night vision device. Designed to enable clear viewing at distances up to 200 meters even under pitch darkness, this powerful device is armed with a potent built-in IR lamp. Perfectly suited for nocturnal adventures, it further offers the ability to capture images and video for invaluable memories. The device comes with available on-device storage, ensuring you never miss a moment in the wild. With the NV 5x40-Alpheon, Omegon has reinvented nightime exploration. Explore the unseen, and transform your night experiences in ways you could only have imagined.
Omegon Argus 11x70 Binoculars
499.76 $
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Experience the allure of nature's nocturnal offerings with the Omegon Argus 11x70 Binoculars. Perfect for observing nightly wildlife or exploring the celestial sky, these binoculars provide exceptional light transmission for clear images, even in dimly lit situations. Whether watching the twilight activities of animals or observing distant nebulae and star clusters, Argus binoculars offer a unique perspective. Highly versatile, they're suitable for use from dusk to deep night, unlocking a world of discovery after daylight. With their superior engineering, you'll get a profound appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us outside of regular hours.
Omegon Argus 12x50 Binoculars
419.79 $
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Discover the hidden beauties of nature with the Omegon Argus 12x50 Binoculars. Perfect for observing nocturnal animals or stargazing, these binoculars offer exceptional light transmission, making them suitable for dusk or nights. With their 12x magnification, explore nebulae and clusters in the vast night sky or get a closer look at the intricate details of the wildlife. The Argus binoculars are your key to unlocking secrets of the universe, and an essential tool for every astronomy or wildlife enthusiast. Discover something new every night, because the magic begins after the day ends with our Omegon Argus 12x50 Binoculars. Don’t just observe, delve into the details.
Omegon Argus 16x70 Binoculars
599.71 $
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The Omegon Argus 16x70 Binoculars provide a captivating viewing experience in all light conditions. These binoculars are perfect for observing the enigmatic world of nocturnal animals, or for stargazing, revealing nebulae and clusters in stunning detail. The Argus binoculars are designed to allow an impressive amount of light in, making them ideal for use at twilight or in the dark. Discovery doesn't have to be limited to daylight hours, and these binoculars will enrich your after-dark explorations. Immerse yourself in the hidden wonders of the night with the Omegon Argus 16x70 Binoculars.
Omegon Argus 20x80 Binoculars
719.66 $
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Explore the beauty of Mother Nature, in daylight or darkness, with the Omegon Argus 20x80 Binoculars. Ideal for both wildlife observation and stargazing, these binoculars offer an immersive viewing experience. With an impressive light transmission ability, they perform exceptionally well in low-light conditions such as dusk or night, allowing you to uncover the hidden mysteries of the nocturnal world or marvel at the splendor of nebulae and star clusters. From wildlife enthusiasts to amateur astronomers, the Argus binoculars provide an extraordinary voyage of discovery, day and night.
Omegon Argus 25x100 Binoculars
799.62 $
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Discover the enchanting features of nature during the night with the Omegon Argus 25x100 Binoculars. Perfect for observing both terrestrial and celestial bodies, these binoculars excel in delivering high-quality visuals even in low-light conditions, ideal for twilight or nighttime use. Whether you want to track nocturnal animals or embark on an exciting stargazing adventure, the Argus binoculars' superb light transmission capabilities will not disappoint. With its 25x magnification, you can delve into the details of nebulas and star clusters, uncovering the unseen mysteries of the universe. Embrace the beauty of the world after daylight with the Argus series binoculars.
Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 10.5x70
376.81 $
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Experience the great outdoors or gaze at the mesmerizing night sky with the Omegon Brightsky 10.5x70 Binoculars. These handy binoculars are your ideal partner in outdoor adventures or astronomical observations, bringing faraway sights closer with exceptional clarity. Equipped with a 10.5x zoom, they allow you to capture precise details from a considerable distance. With a whopping 70mm lens, the Brightsky binoculars offer a wide field of view and remarkable light-gathering capacity, ensuring bright and clear visuals, even in dim lighting conditions. Compact yet robust, they can withstand various outdoor conditions, fitting perfectly into your backpack. So, don't miss out on these binoculars—your new must-have companion for all explorations under the sun or stars.
Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 15x85
513.75 $
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Enjoy the beauty of nature or marvel at the night sky using the Omegon Brightsky 15x85 Binoculars. Specifically designed for astronomy and nature-watching, these binoculars carry a 15x magnification power and 85mm objective lens, making distant objects appear closer and brighter. Equipped with a robust housing, they offer incredible durability for various outdoor activities. Moreover, the Brightsky series is tailored for superior light-gathering ability, even in low-light conditions, ensuring superb visual clarity. Take these versatile binoculars with you on all your explorations and never miss an incredible sight again. Experience the world differently with the Omegon Brightsky 15x85 Binoculars!
Omegon Binoculars Nature HD 10x42
255.46 $
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Experience superior optic performance with the Omegon Nature HD 10x42 Binoculars. These high-definition binoculars provide stunning, sharp visuals making your nature and wildlife observations more immersive and detailed. They combine a low weight structure with an ergonomic design for easy handling. Not to mention, these binoculars are available at an unbeatable price! The Omegon Nature HD Binoculars are your perfect companion for all your outdoor ventures, delivering unmatched quality and value. Enjoy the world around you in staggering detail with these state-of-the-art binoculars.
Omegon Binoculars Nature HD 8x42
238.56 $
Tax included
Presenting the Omegon Nature HD 8x42 binoculars - high-performance optics available at a remarkable price! Experience the exceptional sharpness of HD resolution images, making them perfect for observing nature and wildlife. In addition to their first-rate optical quality, these binoculars boast an ergonomic design, making them comfortable to hold and use. Despite their robust features, they are remarkably lightweight which allows for effortless portability and handling. With the Omegon Nature HD binoculars, outdoor observation becomes an absolute delight.
Omegon Binoculars Nightstar 16x70 - 45° Binoculars
919.56 $
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Explore the wonders of the night sky or the minute details of terrestrial landscapes with the Omegon Nightstar Binoculars, boasting a 16x70 specification. These binoculars are remarkably lightweight, compact, and easy to carry, making them the optimal travel companion for your various adventures. Developed with a unique 1.25" eyepiece design coupled with a comfortable 45° viewing angle, these binoculars ensure an enjoyable, strain-free observation experience. Whether your interest lies in astronomy, wildlife, or the natural world at large, our Nightstar 70mm binoculars are designed to bring it all closer to you in astonishing detail.
Omegon Binoculars Nightstar 20+40x100 Triplet with Variable Eyepieces
1107.48 $
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Experience crystal clear planetary observation with the Omegon Nightstar Binoculars. Equipped with a substantial 100mm objective diameter, this remarkable pair of binoculars offers incredibly bright and vivid images of the night sky. The unique three-element design enhances the color accuracy of your images, putting the Omegon Nightstar on par with high-quality half-apochromats. With versatile 20+40x magnification power, this model also boasts interchangeable eyepieces, allowing for flexible, tailored observation. Perfect for astronomers and sky gazers, the Omegon Binoculars Nightstar offers superior performance and a detailed, vibrant view of galaxies far away.
Omegon BinoView 1000X LED Microscope
357.85 $
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For those seeking a highly competent microscope, the Omegon BinoView 1000x LED Microscope is the perfect blend of superior optics and accurate mechanics. Its exceptional features make it a preferred choice in academic settings from schools to higher education as well as in commercial applications. Beyond formal settings, its excellent functionality also appeals to amateur researchers and microscopists, making it a versatile tool for anyone eager to explore the microscopic world. As it is popularly utilized in numerous educational environments, the Omegon BinoView 1000x LED Microscope is truly a reliable instrument that helps harness one's scientific curiosity as they journey from small-scale explorations to greater, more profound discoveries.
Omegon BioMon 40-1000x LED Microscope
242.54 $
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Discover the world of microscopic structures with the Omegon BioMon 40-1000x LED Microscope. Ideal for students and professionals alike, this equipment allows detailed observation of paramecium and cell structures in exceptional clarity. Its superior lens and precision-made mechanism ensure accurate imaging, enhanced by a large specimen and cross table. The BioMon microscope can magnify up to 1000x, providing a closer look into the fascinating realm of tiny organisms. Along with enabling remarkable visuals, this microscope allows you to delve deeper into the study of these minuscule wonders. Perfect for those wanting high-performance magnification in their studies or research.
Omegon Bonview 20x100 Spotting Scope
3173.21 $
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The Omegon Bonview 20x100 Spotting Scope is a visual spectacle that's sure to captivate your guests. This highly effective spotting scope acts like a people-magnet, giving its users an astounding view. Specially designed with high-quality components, it guarantees crystal-clear and sharp images that amplify the beauty of your landscape. Your visitors won't be able to resist the allure of this powerhouse optical device. Plus, offering this visual experience will not only enhance your guest traffic but can also bolster your profitability. With its excellent features, the Omegon Bonview 20x100 Spotting Scope is truly an investment in customer satisfaction and business growth.
Omegon Brass Telescope 20-60x60mm
342.83 $
Tax included
Immerse yourself in the beauty of the celestial and terrestrial world with the Omegon Brass Telescope 20-60x60mm. Designed for versatility and class, this telescope not only has an aesthetically pleasing brass tube structure but also boasts a classical 60 millimeter lens optics for high-quality observations. Whether scanning the night sky or exploring the terrestrial realm, this instrument offers impressive utility. Equipped with a built-in zoom eyepiece, it offers a respective magnification range of 20-60x, allowing observers to dive deep into their observations. The rotary focuser on the eyepiece ensures precise tuning and focusing, making your viewing experience seamless and enjoyable. Its blend of top-notch functionality and elegant design makes it a great addition to your observational instruments.
Omegon Brass telescope 28x80mm
766.18 $
Tax included
Experience the intricacies of the cosmos and terrestrial sights with the Omegon Brass telescope 28x80mm. Splendidly crafted from brass, this refractor optics telescope, with an 80mm aperture, is an aesthetic and functional addition to your room. Its in-built eyepiece offers a strong 28x magnification, powerful enough to lend crisp, detailed views of distant celestial bodies. The user-friendly rotating focuser at the eyepiece enables precise focusing. Perfect for beginners and advanced astronomers alike, this beautiful instrument is designed to indulge your interest in the mysteries of the universe.
Omegon Brass Telescope MT 60/1000 28x
470.77 $
Tax included
The Omegon Brass Telescope MT 60/1000 delivers a powerful 28x magnification for star-gazing, bird-watching or simply admiring distant vistas. More than just a functional optical tool, it's a piece of art that adds a touch of elegance to any setting. Whether in a beach house or a penthouse apartment, its stunning design never fails to impress. The name 'Harbourmaster' takes its inspiration from sea-faring traditions, invoking days of yore when no ship would go to sea without a similar telescope on board. Boasting a unique combination of functionality and beautiful design, this telescope is perfect for the discerning aesthete and serious hobbyist.
Omegon Brass telescope MT 60/700 28x
637.64 $
Tax included
Experience the wonders of the universe with the MT 60/700 28x Omegon Brass Telescope. This expertly crafted telescope features a 60-millimeter classic lens housed within an attractive brass tube. On top of its striking aesthetics, it offers optimal performance for observing both astronomical and terrestrial objects. Equipped with a Plössl eyepiece, the telescope provides a potent 28x magnification, allowing you to view distant celestial bodies with exceptional clarity. Focusing is convenient and precise, thanks to its rack extension mechanism. The Omegon Brass Telescope is a perfect blend of style and functionality, making it an ideal choice for both astrophotography enthusiasts and professional astronomers. Explore the sky in stunning detail today with this outstanding tool of discovery.
Omegon Brass telescope MT 80/1000 28x
654.71 $
Tax included
The Omegon Brass Telescope MT 80/1000 28x will redefine your stargazing experiences. Its brass tube features a long focal length and an impressive 80mm lens optics, skillfully blending aesthetics with high functionality. Designed to thoroughly satisfy your astronomical curiosity, this telescope allows excellent observation of celestial bodies, alongside terrestrial objects. The package also includes a built-in eyepiece allowing an impressive 28x magnification, perfect for appreciating minute details. The convenience of focusing is enhanced by a rotary focuser present on the eyepiece. Embrace the vibrant charm of brass and enhance your cosmological explorations with the Omegon Brass Telescope MT 80/1000 28x.