List of products by brand Silva

Silva Spectra A GER head flashlight - 10000 lumens
636.37 $
Spectra has a sleek, intuitive design and a powerful 96 Wh battery. To further enhance Spectra, various accessories are available, such as a remote control, battery extension cable, battery harness and head mount, etc. Spectra and all accessories are designed to help you get the most out of demanding sports. Spectra series consists of two models - Spectra A for action sports and Spectra O for night orientation running and trail running.
Silva Spectra O front flashlight - 10000 lumens
646.32 $
Spectra O is a trailblazing headlamp that turns night into day, delivering an incredibly strong light of 10,000 lumens.  The headlamp consists of 8 LED lights packaged into a sleek, intuitive design accompanied by a powerful 98 WH battery.  It is specifically designed for night orienteering and comes with optimal accessories such as a remote-control kit and a head mount.