List of products by brand Longshot

Longshot Hawk LR-3 target camera up to 3200 m
1049.16 $
Longshot, a prominent American company, proudly presents its flagship product, the LR-3 long-range shooting target camera. This groundbreaking device enables shooters to remotely verify hits at astonishing distances of up to 2 miles (3210 meters). What sets the LR-3 apart from its competition is the patented Go the Distance connection system, which doubles the observation range offered by competing devices.
Longshot Hawk Marksman disc camera up to 275 m
475 $
The Longshot Marksman 300 target camera is a compact powerhouse that revolutionizes shooting training analysis. Encased in a small box, this device combines cutting-edge optics, advanced features, and user-friendly functionality to take your shooting practice to new heights. With the Marksman 300, you can now verify, document, and improve your shooting skills with ease.