List of products by brand Beam Communications Pty Ltd

2 x Wireless Handset Bundle with Antenna (EXTRMDD-PTT-VWK) - PTT Docking Microphone/Speaker Bundles
2394 $
Stay connected with your team using the EXTRMDD-PTT-VWK wireless handset bundle, which includes two docking microphones and speakers for seamless two-way communication. With a range of up to 800m and a noise-cancelling feature, this system ensures crisp, clear communication in various environments. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, this bundle offers a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining effective communication among team members. Don't miss out on this essential communication tool for your business.
9555SDGHB - SatDOCK Cradle for 9555 Bundle
1505 $
Elevate your 9555 smartphone experience with the SatDOCK Cradle for 9555 Bundle! Designed to securely hold and charge your device, this cradle ensures easy access to both charging and data ports. The modern design not only offers optimum protection for your phone, but also adds a touch of sophistication to any desk or tabletop. Enhance your 9555 use by investing in this stylish and practical accessory – get your SatDOCK Cradle today!
9555SDGIHB - SatDock Cradle for Iridium 9555 Intelligent Handset Bundle
1651.28 $
Enhance your 9555 Intelligent Handset experience with the SatDock Cradle Bundle, designed to securely mount and protect your device from drops and damage. This high-quality cradle boasts a robust design and integrated charging capabilities, ensuring maximum functionality and convenience for your daily use. Invest in the SatDock Cradle Bundle and enjoy unparalleled performance, safety, and longevity for your 9555 Intelligent Handset.
9555SDGTB - SatDOCK Cradle for 9555 Tracking Bundle
1445 $
The SatDOCK Cradle for 9555 Tracking Bundle offers a secure and convenient docking solution for your 9555 Tracking Bundle. Designed to withstand daily use, this lightweight and robust cradle ensures your tracking bundle remains securely connected and charged. Its compatibility with the 9555 Tracking Bundle ensures seamless communication and data transfer. This modern and sleek cradle makes it easy to access and manage your tracking data without worry, providing you with consistent performance and reliability when you need it most. Experience the unmatched convenience and functionality that the SatDOCK Cradle has to offer and elevate your tracking experience.
9555SDHB - SatDOCK Cradle for 9555 Bundle - WHILE STOCKS LAST
1218.47 $
Get your hands on the 9555SDHB SatDOCK Cradle, a tailor-made docking solution for your 9555 Bundle. This sturdy cradle boasts a perfect fit for your device, offering optimal protection and secure positioning. Ideal for extended usage, the SatDOCK Cradle ensures your 9555 device remains functional and accessible throughout your satellite communication experience. Hurry and grab this fantastic offer as stocks are limited and won't last long! Don't miss your chance to snag this essential accessory for your 9555 Bundle.
Beam 12m Cable Kit - GPS Antenna
198 $
Upgrade your GPS connection with our Beam 12m Cable Kit - GPS Antenna, designed to provide fast and reliable navigation information. Its 12-meter-long cable and high-performance GPS antenna ensure consistent and accurate signal reception at all times. The easy-to-install and durable design suits various GPS needs, whether for your vehicle, boat, or outdoor adventure. Don't compromise on your navigation accuracy; choose our Beam 12m Cable Kit - GPS Antenna for a dependable GPS connection experience.
Beam 20m Cable Kit - GPS Antenna
298.8 $
Elevate your GPS connectivity with the Beam 20m Cable Kit-GPS Antenna. This high-quality accessory set is designed to enhance signal performance and extend the reach of your GPS system. The kit features a 20-meter long, double-shielded extension cable that delivers reliable, well-protected signal transmission. It is compatible with most GPS devices and comes with an adjustable mounting bracket, making installation a breeze. Don't settle for less when it comes to your GPS device; choose the Beam 20m Cable Kit-GPS Antenna for a dependable and long-lasting connection solution.
Beam 30m Cable Kit - GPS Antenna
454.8 $
Enhance your GPS system's performance with the Beam 30m Cable Kit - GPS Antenna. This high-quality cable kit provides a 30-meter extension, allowing you to position the antenna further away from your device for optimal signal quality. Compatible with all major GPS brands, this versatile antenna is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Don't settle for weak GPS signal - maximize your device's capabilities with the Beam 30m Cable Kit - GPS Antenna!
Beam 6m Cable Kit - GPS Antenna
117.6 $
The Beam 6m Cable Kit - GPS Antenna offers a reliable and superior solution for enhancing GPS functionality in your home or business. This comprehensive kit includes cables, connectors, and an external antenna, ensuring a seamless connection and swift setup for your device. The generous 6m cable length provides ample flexibility for optimal antenna placement, making it an ideal choice for improving GPS signal strength and accuracy in various locations. Upgrade your GPS system with this high-quality Beam 6m Cable Kit to experience enhanced performance and reliability.
Beam 9m Cable Kit - GPS Antenna
168 $
Upgrade your GPS system with the Beam 9m Cable Kit GPS Antenna, tailored for outdoor environments and reliable connections. This comprehensive kit features a robust 9m waterproof cable and antennas, equipped with waterproof connectors to ensure peak performance even in harsh conditions. To further simplify the installation process, the kit includes 4 strain relief lines and a mounting pad, providing a secure and steady foundation for your GPS antenna. Enhance your GPS experience with our dependable and superior-quality Beam cable kit.
Beam Aero Dual-Mode Antenna
1074 $
Discover the remarkable capabilities of the Beam Aero Dual Mode Antenna, designed to deliver outstanding fidelity, range, and performance for even the most challenging networking applications. Its unique two-way, dual-mode antenna technology offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling users to seamlessly switch between modes and optimize their connections with ease. Say goodbye to slow connections and unstable signals - experience the cutting-edge performance of the Beam Aero Dual Mode Antenna.
Beam Aero Patch Antenna
900 $
Experience enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity with the Beam Aero Patch Antenna by Prestashop. This high-gain antenna is meticulously crafted to provide maximum signal strength and superior wireless coverage for all your network requirements. Its user-friendly design allows for a hassle-free installation without the need for any external components or tools. Upgrade to the Beam Aero Patch Antenna and enjoy faster internet speeds, smoother connections, and an overall better network experience.
Beam Bolt Antenna
300 $
Upgrade your online store's connectivity with the Beam BOLT Antenna, a high-performance wireless solution designed specifically for Prestashop. This powerful antenna supports lightning-fast data transfer rates of up to 1300 Mbps, ensuring seamless operation and optimal customer experience. Its advanced 2×2 multi-user MIMO technology enables multiple users to access your store simultaneously without compromising speed or stability. Experience superior network reliability for uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and other data-intensive activities. Don't let sluggish connections slow down your business; let the Beam BOLT Antenna elevate your Prestashop store to new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Beam Desktop Charger for Office (PTT650)
156 $
Experience seamless charging with the Beam PTT650 Desktop Charger, an ideal device for homes and offices. This sleek, ergonomic charger boasts six universal USB ports, making it perfect for fueling multiple devices at once. With two Quick Charge 3.0 ports and a powerful output of 6A/36W, it ensures fast and efficient charging. The no-slip base offers stability, and its compact design allows for easy placement on your desk, table, or nightstand. Upgrade your charging experience with the Beam PTT650 Desktop Charger.
Beam External Mag Antenna - 3.5m Cable Kit (PTT615)
108 $
Enhance your communication system with the PTT615 3.5m Cable Kit, featuring an external mag antenna designed to optimize signal strength and provide a stable, reliable connection. Powered by a built-in amplifier, this antenna significantly improves reception in areas with poor signal, making it an ideal choice for home, office, or vehicle use. Experience premium connectivity and never miss a beat with our PTT615 3.5m cable kit and external mag antenna.
Beam Gold Zero 100 UPS Battery Backup
594 $
The Beam Gold Zero 100 UPS Battery Backup offers exceptional power protection for all critical electronics in your home or office. With up to 65 minutes of continuous backup power, you can rest assured that your devices will remain powered during unexpected outages. Advanced features like auto restart, lightning and surge protection, and a user-friendly LCD display make this UPS battery backup an ideal solution for safeguarding your essential electronics. Don't let power interruptions disrupt your productivity or cause damage to your valuable equipment - invest in the Beam Gold Zero 100 UPS Battery Backup for peace of mind.
Beam Inline PTT Switch (PTT704)
108 $
The Beam In Line PTT Switch (PTT704) offers exceptional reliability and performance for talk-through and push-to-talk functions, making it a vital component in any communication system. Designed with longevity in mind, this professional-grade switch is built to withstand the test of time. Its robust construction using high-quality materials ensures it can handle all of your switching needs with ease, providing peace of mind during critical operations. Upgrade your communication setup with the PTT704 and experience the difference in durability and performance.
Beam Inmarsat OC400 Basic Anti-Piracy Bundle (OC400-BPB)
2874 $
The Beam Inmarsat OC400 Basic Piracy Bundle (OC400-BPB) is a highly reliable and robust satellite communication system designed for maritime use. This easy-to-install kit provides essential anti-piracy features to keep your vessel safe and secure against piracy attacks. It includes the Beam Oceana 400 satellite terminal, capable of delivering high-quality voice calls and data connectivity with Inmarsat's global satellite network. Its functionality includes tracking, SOS, and intelligent alert notifications, ensuring your vessel is always connected and monitored. The OC400-BPB offers critical communication solutions to ensure safe and uninterrupted operations on the high seas.
Beam Inmarsat OC800 Basic Piracy Bundle (OC800-BAPB)
3114 $
Upgrade your maritime communication setup with the Beam Inmarsat OC800 Basic Piracy Bundle (OC800-BPB). Designed to enhance the safety and security of your vessel, this package provides reliable communication solutions in high-risk piracy zones. The bundle includes the Inmarsat Beam OC800 maritime satellite terminal and essential accessories for seamless installation and operation. This terminal enables swift two-way messaging, voice calling, and tracking services through the Inmarsat satellite network, ensuring a constant connection with your crew and onshore support. Stay ahead of potential threats and safeguard your maritime operations with the robust and dependable Beam Inmarsat OC800 Basic Piracy Bundle.
Beam Inmarsat OC800 Deluxe Piracy Bundle (OC800-DAPB)
3954 $
Discover the ultimate communication solution with the Beam Inmarsat OC800 Deluxe Piracy Bundle (OC800-DPB). This comprehensive package is designed to provide reliable and secure connectivity in high-risk piracy areas. Equipped with an OC800 transceiver, the bundle offers unparalleled Inmarsat satellite coverage to keep you connected at all times. It includes an external antenna for enhanced signal reception and essential accessories such as a privacy handset, AC/DC power supply, and a durable carry case. Whether you're at sea, in remote locations, or facing adverse conditions, the OC800-DPB ensures robust communication and peace of mind. Trust the Beam Inmarsat OC800 Deluxe Piracy Bundle for secure and reliable connectivity when you need it most.
Beam Inmarsat Piracy / Cover Antenna (CVTINM).
1194 $
The Beam Inmarsat Piracy / Cover Antenna (CVTINM) is a discreet solution designed to camouflage your marine satellite communication equipment. This covert outer case transforms the appearance of an ISD710 Active Marine Antenna, allowing it to remain hidden from potential threats while maintaining reliable communication at sea. The Beam Covert Piracy Antenna ensures the uninterrupted connection of your Inmarsat satellite services, essential for both safety and operational reasons. Experience the ultimate in stealth communications with the smart design and advanced technology of this Beam antenna protector.
Beam LRG GNG 9575 Voice Kit with P/Headset (PTTGNG-P)
1674 $
Discover the impressive Beam LRG GNG 9575 Voice Kit with P/Hset (PTTGNG-P)! Experience top-notch audio quality and usability with its integrated microphone and headset, making it ideal for use at home, in the office, or any other setting that requires reliable communication. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly controls, you'll appreciate the crisp, natural sound it delivers. Offering unparalleled versatility, the Beam LRG GNG 9575 Voice Kit is the ultimate solution for all your communication requirements.
Beam LRG GNG 9575 Voice Kit with P/Hset inc RST060 UPS Pack (PTTGNG-PB)
2214 $
The Beam LRG GNG 9575 Voice Kit with P/Hset inc RST060 UPS Pack (PTTGNG-PB) is a top-notch audio and voice communications solution designed for both professional and home environments. This comprehensive kit consists of a high-performance RST060 UPS, ensuring maximum efficiency and zero latency for impeccably clear audio quality. Additionally, the kit comes with an ergonomic precision headset, offering ultimate comfort and clarity during extended use. Whether you're a professional or a home user, this exceptional voice communications kit promises efficiency, reliability, and outstanding quality.
Beam MAG Dual-Mode Antenna
540 $
Discover unparalleled connectivity with the Beam MAG Dual Mode Antenna, designed to provide exceptional indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi signal coverage for your home or business network. Transmitting both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands, this versatile antenna ensures superior signal coverage and high-speed data transmission. Built to withstand even the harshest conditions, the Beam MAG Dual Mode Antenna guarantees flawless operation, making it the ultimate choice for your networking needs. Don't compromise on efficiency and reliability; choose the Beam MAG Dual Mode Antenna for optimal performance.