List of products by brand TAFE Power

TAFE Power TAF-P-100W Generator
16612.8 $
The TAF-P-100W by TAFE Power is a robust 100 kVA prime duty generator, designed to meet your demanding power requirements. It comes equipped with the choice of AMF or manual control for your convenience. To ensure long-lasting, uninterrupted power supply, the TAF-P-100W boasts a large, 250-liter fuel tank capacity. Weighing in at 2000 kg, it is a sturdy and reliable option for all your power needs. Special attention has been paid to incorporating acoustic insulation, reducing noise pollution significantly. With its prime duty power, user-friendly controls, and enhanced features, the TAF-P-100W generator is a prime choice for those in need of a powerful, yet quiet solution to your power needs.
TAFE Power TAF-P-125W Generator
18523.2 $
The TAFE Power TAF-P-125W Power Generator is a robust solution for heavy-duty tasks. It is powered by a dependable TAFE POWER engine with a solid output of 160 BHP. Options for AMF and manual control panels are available for ease of operation. To maintain a conducive working environment, the generator features acoustic insulation. A notable facility is its extensive fuel tank that holds up to 250 L, enabling extended use. The generator's design includes water-cooled functionality, helping to maintain optimal efficiency. It also possesses either a Stamford or Leroy Somer alternator, depending on preference. Offering compatibility with single or three-phase voltage output, this generator proves its versatility in various instances.
TAFE Power TAF-P-15A Power Generator
6745.2 $
Experience the power and reliability of the TAFE Power TAF-P-15A Power Generator. Manufactured by TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited, this 15 kVA prime power diesel generator provides a compact backup solution for your power needs. Whether you're a small business owner or a homeowner, the TAF-P-15A generator is designed to keep you up and running during power outages. It comes equipped with both AMF and manual control panels for easy operation. In addition to its high-functioning performance, one of the key feature is acoustic insulation with PU FR-acoustic foam, helping to reduce noise for quiet operation. With a generous 50-liter fuel tank capacity, this power generator offers long-lasting performance—giving you peace of mind in unexpected situations.
TAFE Power TAF-P-20A Power Generator
7328.4 $
The TAF-P-20A by TAFE Power is a robust and long-lasting diesel generator that offers 20 kVA of prime power. Available with AMF or manual control options, it is engineered to cater to a diverse array of applications. Its acoustic insulation ensures minimal noise during operation, making it perfect for use in populated areas. Notably, the TAF-P-20A features a compact design and a fuel-efficient engine, providing powerful performance without compromising on cost-effectiveness. This powerful, efficient and low-noise generator is an ideal solution for both domestic and commercial power needs.
TAFE Power TAF-P-30A Power Generator
9387.6 $
The TAF-P-30A from TAFE Power is a dependable and robust diesel generator that delivers 30 kVA of power, making it an excellent choice for prime duty applications. This generator includes an impressive array of features such as AMF/manual control, acoustic insulation, and a sizable 60-liter fuel tank. Made with a TAFE POWER engine and a Stamford/Leroy Somer alternator, it guarantees superior performance and a long-lasting lifespan. With its compact design and dimensions measuring 2000mm x 950mm x 1350mm, the TAF-P-30A fits comfortably into diverse environments, offering easy installation. It stands as an embodiment of high quality and efficiency.
TAFE Power TAF-P-30W Power Generator
9572.4 $
The TAF-P-30W is a robust power generator engineered by TAFE Power, optimized for a prime duty of 30 kVA. Designed for versatility, it offers either AMF or manual control options. To keep operational noise minimal, this unit includes acoustic insulation. The fuel tank can hold up to 100 L, ensuring longer functioning hours without refueling. The generator is driven by a TAFE POWER engine, outfitted with 3 cylinders, turbocharged inter-cooled aspiration, and a displacement of 3298 cc. Alternator options are either Stamford or Leroy Somer, providing a power factor of 0.8 lag and a rated speed/frequency of 1500 RPM/50 Hz or 1800 RPM/60 Hz. This generator proves efficient across various settings, from construction sites and hospitals to data centers.
TAFE Power TAF-P-35A Power Generator
9763.2 $
With 35 kVA of prime power, the TAFE Power TAF-P-35A is a superior diesel generator that offers both AMF or manual control. Renowned for its versatility and reliability, this generator effectively meets diverse power requirements across various applications. Uniquely engineered with acoustic insulation, it operates quietly, ensuring minimal noise production. Further, its 100L fuel tank capacity guarantees prolonged, efficient operation. Even with such power-packed features, the TAF-P-35A takes up minimal space due to its compact design, measuring 2250mm in length, 1000mm in breadth, and 1400mm in height. This means it can seamlessly fit into most spatial configurations. So, for a reliable and efficient power solution that doesn't compromise on space, consider the TAF-P-35A generator.
TAFE Power TAF-P-40W Generator
10952.4 $
The TAF-P-40W from TAFE Power is a high-performing generator boasting a mighty 40 kVA power capacity. Esteemed for its dependability, it's engineered for prime duty and can be operated manually or via an Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) system. One of its highlights includes acoustic insulation, ensuring less noise during operation. A standout feature is its considerable fuel tank capacity of 100 liters, providing long hours of uninterrupted power. Powered by a TAFE POWER engine in conjunction with a Stamford or Leroy Somer alternator, the TAF-P-40W is versatile enough to meet the energy needs in diverse scenarios. Enjoy efficient and dependable power generation with the TAF-P-40W.
TAFE Power TAF-P-45W Generator
11040 $
The TAF-P-45W from TAFE Power is a superior quality power generator with a crucial 45 kVA output, ensuring optimal power supply. Furnished with a substantial 100 L fuel tank capacity, it's engineered for prime duty functions. You can choose to operate this unit either via AMF or manual control as per your requirement. Its impressive weight of 1270/1330 kg demonstrates robustness, while the acoustic insulation guarantees quiet operations. Immensely reliable, this generator is destined to provide continuous power for your needs.
TAFE Power TAF-P-62.5W Power Generator
12243.6 $
The TAF-P-62.5W by TAFE Power is a robust and trustworthy generator, offering a capacity of 62.5 kVA. This standout equipment is equipped with a turbo charged inter-cooled TAFE POWER engine and a Stamford/Leroy Somer alternator. Its design is made specifically for prime duty, with both AMF and manual control options. With the inclusion of acoustic insulation and PU FR-acoustic foam, the generator remains quiet while operating. Further features include water cooling and a sizable fuel tank that can hold up to 125 liters. The TAF-P-62.5W measures 2500mm x 1100mm x 1575mm and weighs 1470kg, making it a substantial but invaluable piece of equipment for power generation needs.
TAFE Power TAF-P-7.5A Power Generator
6066 $
The TAF-P-7.5A Diesel Power Generator by TAFE is a compact yet robust solution for all your power needs. Boasting a capacity of 7.5 kVA, it's an excellent choice for prime power applications. Meticulously designed for your convenience, it features optional AMF/Manual control panels. Whether you're a small business owner, a homeowner, or need power for an outdoor event, this generator is a practical choice. Aside from its easy installation process, the TAF-P-7.5A stands out due to its lightweight nature. Manufactured using top-tier components, it guarantees durability. As a bonus, it incorporates acoustic foam insulation, effectively reducing the operational noise. Experience reliable power with the TAF-P-7.5A.
TAFE Power TAF-P-82.5W Generator
15306 $
Experience uninterrupted power supply with the robust TAF-P-82.5W Power Generator. This diesel-fueled powerhouse offers an impressive 82.5 kVA capacity ideal for prime-duty applications. It proudly boasts options for both AMF and manual control panels. To curb noise pollution, it's equipped with PU FR-acoustic foam for effective sound insulation. With a generous fuel tank capacity of 250 liters, it ensures long operational hours. Powered by a TAFE POWER engine that features a displacement of 4910 cc, it is matched with an alternator that provides single/three phase power with a brushless single bearing. For enhanced durability and high-temperature resistance, it uses a water-cooled system. Despite these numerous features, it has a lightweight construction for its class with a total weight of 1980 kg.
TAFE TAF-P-10A Power Generator
6316.8 $
Discover the unmatched functionality and performance of the TAF-P-10A Power Generator from TAFE Power. This diesel generator offers a potent 10 kVA of prime power—making it an ideal option for emergency backup power at home, businesses, or any other application requiring dependable power source. You can choose between AMF or manual control as per your convenience. What sets the TAF-P-10A apart from the crowd is its compact design alongside acoustic insulation. This space-saving and sound-efficient machine is perfect for any environment. Trust in the TAF-P-10A Power Generator for a trouble-free service when you need it the most.
TAFE TAF-P-25A Power Generator
8338.8 $
The TAF-P-25A, a high-performing diesel generator, offers a substantial 25 KVA power output. Compact in size yet robust in function, it serves a range of applications effectively. Among its standout features are the acoustic insulation and a choice between manual or AMF control panels. The unit houses a 60-liter fuel tank and is powered by a resilient TAFE POWER engine, paired with a Stamford/Leroy Somer alternator. Efficient, durable and versatile, the TAF-P-25A is perfectly suited for various settings from homes to businesses. Experience the convenience and reliability of uninterrupted power supply with this exceptional generator.