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ZWO 2"LRGB fiter set (SKU: ZWO LRGB2)
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Experience exceptional results in astrophotography with the ZWO LRGB 2 filter set. This impressive set consists of four professional filters that function perfectly with monochrome cameras. Crafted using top-tier Schott glass substrates, the filters deliver crisp and vibrant images. Integrating a comprehensive multilayer coating, these filters promise over 90% efficiency within their peak transmission band. This ensures an incredible contrast and superior quality, leading to an enhanced viewing and photographing experience. With its SKU: ZWO LRGB2, this set is a must-have for every astrophotography enthusiast. Invest in the ZWO LRGB 2 filter set and take your astrophotography journey to the next level.
ZWO AM3 mount
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The ZWO AM3 mount is a follow-up to the highly successful AM5 assembly, widely popular amongst astrophotography enthusiasts. This new model is strategically designed for those who prefer a more compact assembly optimal for guiding smaller optical tubes. The AM3 continues ZWO's commitment to delivering precision, high-quality, and reliable astrophotography equipment. Its straightforward operation and compact design make it a perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned astrophotographers. Enjoy a seamless astrophotography experience like never before with the ZWO AM3 mount.
ZWO AM5 Harmonic Equatorial Mount / head
2200 $
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The ZWO AM5 Equatorial Mount is a breakthrough product for seasoned astrophotographers and astronomy buffs launched by ZWO in 2022. This mount sets a benchmark in the realm of astronomical equipment. The harmonic drive system delivers exceptional precision and virtually zero backlash, which is paramount in astrophotography for precise tracking and positioning. With an impressive load capacity, it can securely support a variety of optical tubes and camera setups. Its sleek and compact design embodies an ease of portability without compromising its functionality. Enhance your stargazing experience with the precision, reliability, and performance of the ZWO AM5 Equatorial Mount.
ZWO AM5 Harmonic Equatorial Mount with field tripod
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In 2022, ZWO raises the bar for professional astrophotography with their latest offering - the AM5 Harmonic Equatorial Mount. This stand-out product features groundbreaking technology, attracting astronomy enthusiasts and photographers alike. Paired with a sturdy field tripod that guarantees stability, the AM5 is excellently equipped for capturing remarkable views of the cosmos. The mount not only bolsters the easiness of tracking celestial bodies but also reduces the chances of experiencing shake or blur while taking photographs. With such innovative features and capabilities, it is a valuable addition to the market of astronomical products. Explore the new frontier in astrophotography with the ZWO AM5 Harmonic Equatorial Mount.
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The ZWO ASI071MC-P camera is a top-notch choice for avid astrophotographers, due to its impressive array of advanced features. Its optimal cooling capabilities ensure high-quality, noiseless images, while the rich and authentic colors make every shot look breathtakingly vibrant. This model also includes a sizable 256MB buffer that minimizes frame dropping, promoting seamless and smooth operation. Additionally, the built-in adjustable tilt allows for superior control and flexibility in capturing images. Ideal for capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Deep Universe, the ZWO ASI071MC-P adds considerable value to any astrophotographer's toolkit.
ZWO ASI 1600MM-P (mono)
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The ZWO ASI 1600 MM Pro is the newest camera in the ZWO line, setting itself apart from the "Cool" series with its unique DDR data buffering feature. Included is an impressive 256 MB of DDR3 memory, which greatly enhances data transfer speeds. More importantly, it effectively diminishes amp-glow noise on images, which normally tends to spike during slower transfer procedures especially on the USB 2.0 port. The unit is designed with a professional touch maintaining the high standards that ZWO is renowned for. Its advanced features make the ASI 1600 MM Pro a compelling choice for advanced astronomy enthusiasts and professional photographers.
ZWO ASI 174MM Mini
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ZWO's exceptional ASI174MM Mini camera stands as a remarkable technology advancement in their high-quality lineup. This innovative product represents ZWO's successful venture into the mini camera sphere, ingeniously fitted with the industry-leading Sony IMX174LLJ/IMX174LQJ sensor. The sensor measures a compact 1/1.2" (11.3 x 7.1 mm), perfect for portable usage. With a sharp resolution of 1936 x 1216 pixels and a precise single pixel measurement of 5.86 x 5.86 µm, the ASI174MM Mini ensures superior image quality, meeting and surpassing all your photography needs. Experience the fusion of convenience and high performance with ZWO's ASI174MM Mini, a game-changer in the compact camera realm.
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The ZWO ASI 183 GT is a top-tier monochrome astronomical camera leveraging the power of Sony's advanced IMX183 sensor. With an impressive resolution of 5496x3672 pixels and microscopic single pixel size of 2.4 µm, it captures strikingly detailed and superbly high-quality images. Its compact design allows for optimal portability, while its robust construction ensures durability. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring astronomer, this camera’s exceptional performance will help you explore the fascinating wonders of the cosmic world with great precision. Experience stellar imaging like never before with the ZWO ASI 183 GT.
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The ZWO ASI183MC presents itself as a superior color camera specifically engineered for diverse astrophotography applications. With the ability to capture exquisite detail of celestial bodies such as planetary nebulae, it enthuses both professional astronomers and hobbyists. Equipped with advanced features and impressive specifications, it magnifies the intricate details of the universe, making it an indispensable asset for all those passionate about space exploration. By delivering high-resolution images, this camera truly captures the sublime beauty of the cosmos. Its quality, versatility, and performance indeed mark it as a vital piece of equipment for anyone interested in astrophotography.
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The ZWO ASI 183 MM Pro is a trailblazing addition to the world of astrophotography, offering peak performance and cutting-edge innovation. This superior model stands out from the "Cool" version with its upgraded data buffering, provided by a 256 MB DDR3 memory. The purposeful design aids in swift data transfer and significantly lessens amp-glow noise, especially when the USB 2.0 port is in use. This potent combination of high-end attributes culminate to deliver a premium imaging experience that will undoubtedly elevate your astrophotography to new heights.
ZWO ASI 183MC-P (20 MPix, 5496 x 3672 px, 2,4 um, cooled camera)
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The ZWO ASI 183MC-P is a high-performance astrophotography camera, perfect for both beginners and professionals alike. Its 20 megapixels and high resolution of 5496 x 3672 pixels ensures detailed, vibrant imagery. Maximize your performance with its incredibly rapid signal reading capabilities, ideal for capturing quick moving objects like the Sun, the Moon, double star systems or planets. What makes this camera truly premium is its efficient cooling system that inhibits noise and promotes smooth operation. Furthermore, this camera enhances your overall astrophotography experience by providing real-time previewing and focusing. Dive deeper into the cosmos and capture breathtaking snapshots with the ZWO ASI 183MC-P.
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The ZWO ASI 220 MM Mini is a small but mighty monochrome camera tailored to astrophotographers who crave exceptional precision. As an upgrade to the popular ASI 290 Mini, the ZWO ASI 220 MM Mini flaunts a bigger sensor size paired with a singular pixel diameter. This innovative design enhances the quantum efficiency in the near-infrared spectrum. With its cutting-edge features and compact design, it is an ideal device for capturing stunning celestial images in great detail. This camera is superb for those seeking to upgrade their astrophotography equipment without compromising on space or quality.
ZWO ASI 224MC astronomy camera
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The ZWO ASI224MC camera, featuring the Sony IMX224 sensor, is an uncooled color camera designed for astrophotography enthusiasts. This camera boasts exceptional attributes, including an astonishingly low reading noise of just 1.5 electrons and outstanding sensitivity, particularly in the infrared spectrum. It is particularly adept at capturing planetary objects in the infrared band and smaller deep-sky phenomena such as planetary nebulae.
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The ZWO ASI2400MC Pro is a cutting-edge planetary camera slated to hit the market in early July 2020. The high-tech device boasts a Sony IMX410 full-frame sensor renowned for its low reading noise. The camera's large 5.94 µm pixel size offers magnificent image quality that sets it apart in the field of deep-sky color cameras. This unique combination of low noise and large pixel size has established the ZWO ASI2400MC Pro as a potential frontrunner in its category. With this camera, you can anticipate superior performance for your planetary and deep-sky explorations.
ZWO ASI 2600 MC-Duo (SKU: ZWO ASI2600MC-Duo)
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Available from June 2023, the ZWO ASI 2600 MC-Duo (SKU: ZWO ASI2600MC-Duo) is an exceptional camera specifically designed for astrophotography. It stands out for ingeniously harmonizing imaging and guiding sensors, all housed within a compact physique. This device is loaded with pioneering features, top-tier specifications, and delivers power and precision for capturing breathtaking astronomical images. The ASI2600MC Duo is a superior investment for astrophotographers, being a capable tool for snapping stunning shots of the galaxy and beyond. Delve into the attributes and functionalities of this amazing camera and elevate your astrophotography exploits to a whole new level.
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The ZWO ASI 2600 MM Pro is not just a camera, but a revolutionary game changer in the field of astrophotography. Crafted by ZWO - a noteworthy brand in astrophotographic products, this sought-after device has been creating a buzz even during its pre-sale period. Its remarkable features and capabilities have led this advanced technology to become one of the most eagerly awaited astrophotographic products of 2021. If you’re passionate in capturing the wonders of the cosmos, this camera stands out as an important tool for your explorations.
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The ZWO ASI294 redefines imaging with its remarkable innovation. This camera is notably recorded as the first one in the world to adopt the high-tech Sony IMX294CJK sensor. This advanced feature propels the ZWO ASI294 into a class of its own, offering improved sensitivity, exceptional imaging performance, and state-of-the-art quality. Whether for astrophotography or other applications needing high precision, this camera is a leading choice. Experience outstanding image results right at your fingertips with the ZWO ASI294.
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The ZWO ASI294 MC-P camera is a pioneering tool with the distinction of being the world’s first camera to incorporate the superior Sony IMX294CJK sensor. It stands out with its impressive technical specs and revolutionary features tailored for the astrophotography enthusiast. The ASI294 camera delivers high sensitivity, excellently capturing stunning images of deep-space objects in stunning detail and clarity. Ideal for capturing galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters, this camera pushes the boundaries of what's possible in astrophotography. It’s not just a camera, but a leap forward in technology, opening up a universe of celestial imaging possibilities.
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Discover the remarkable capabilities of the ZWO ASI 294 MM Pro camera! This impressive unit is the monochrome counterpart of the sought-after ZWO ASI 294 MC Pro model. Loved by users for its outstanding overall performance, this camera will certainly meet your expectations. Essential to note is its superb sensitivity in low light conditions and high-definition astrophotography. With the ZWO ASI 294 MM Pro, capturing the universe's grandeur has never been so accessible and rewarding. Take your space imaging to a whole new level with this top-rated monochrome camera!
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Get ready to document the awe-inspiring beauty of celestial bodies with the ZWO ASI 385 MC color astrophotographic camera. This top-tier, uncooled photography device renders high-quality, low-noise images, effortlessly transforming your pictures of the Moon, planets, and Deep Sky objects into breathtaking masterpieces. It boasts a wide-angle lens capable of covering up to 170-degrees, making it an optimal choice for all-sky photography. Whether your aim is to capture meteors' mesmerizing trails or to monitor atmospheric conditions, this camera is perfect for covering the vast expanse of the night sky. Experience the universe like never before with the ZWO ASI 385 MC camera.
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The ZWO ASI 432MM, a high-quality monochrome camera, is engineered with a specific focus on capturing detailed, stunning images of the Sun, Moon, and other celestial bodies. It's an industry game-changer in the field of solar astrophotography, possessing a large pixel diameter and a wide field of view. Excelling its predecessor, the highly regarded ASI174MM, the ZWO ASI 432MM stands as a new benchmark. Notably, this state-of-the-art camera can also capture fast-moving space objects, such as the International Space Station, recording an impressive 120 frames per second. With its advanced features, the ZWO ASI432MM assures memorable stargazing experiences.
ZWO ASI 462 MM Early bird Version
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The ZWO ASI 462 MM (Early Bird Version), a high-end monochrome astrophotography camera, is an enhanced version of the esteemed ASI 290 MM model. Incorporating a top-notch Sony IMX462 sensor and 12-bit ADC converter, it delivers stellar images marked by extraordinary sharpness and tonal range. The camera's superior quantum efficiency and ultra-low noise level further ensure exceptional quality of captured images, revolutionizing your stargazing and astrophotography experience.