Satellite Internet in Afghanistan
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Satellite Internet in Afghanistan

Experience lightning-fast internet connectivity with our state-of-the-art Ka-Band service on Hylas-2, proudly offered by TS2 for customers across Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Armenia, Libya, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Albania, and Malta. This cutting-edge technology provides a reliable and high-speed satellite internet connection even in remote and challenging locations. Equip yourself with the best connectivity solution for both personal and professional purposes and stay connected with the world without any hassle. Upgrade to TS2's Satellite Internet in Afghanistan today and embrace the power of seamless communication!
150 $ ($30.12 1)

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Karol Łoś
Product Manager
English / Polski


New service allows downlink speeds up to 20Mbps, five times the previous maximum, using a smaller antenna. Higher performance is gained at a much lower cost. Which allows up to four times higher connection speed at the same cost, if compared to previous Ku-band service, without compromising connection reliability and stability.  The HYLAS 2 satellite carries 24 active Ka-band user beams and six gateway beams. The Ka-band spot beams are providing two-way communications services to facilitate high-speed delivery of data to end-user applications such as corporate networking, broadband Internet access, business continuity services and video distribution.

New Ka-band service is based on the same, field-tested and proven technology provided by iDirect. Ka-band service requires a smaller antenna, reducing the equipment and transportation costs and making the installation easier. 

The price includes a 1-month subscription for the 1 mbps x 1 mbps service (10 GB data limit/ 10:1).


Hylas-2 has three times the capacity of Hylas-1 and some 40 separate beams, each covering a different fixed area, plus one steerable beam which can be directed anywhere. Up to twenty-five beams can be active at any one time. The extra beams give some flexibility in the areas that TS2 can serve. 

Operator: Avanti Communications,

Launch date: 08/12

Launch mass (kg): 3235,

Manufacturer: Orbital,

Model (bus): GEOStart-2.4 Bus.

Required modems: Newtec Elevation Series (EL470), idirect Evolution X1, idirect Evolution X3, idirect Evolution X5.

Required software version: Evolution IDX 3.1

Required dish size: 98cm

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