Hytera E-Pack 100 DMR Wireless AD Hoc Repeater
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Hytera E-Pack 100 DMR Wireless AD Hoc Repeater

The Hytera E-Pack 100 DMR wireless ad-hoc repeater is a versatile and flexible communication system that can be deployed efficiently and effectively in the field.

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Viktoriia Turzhanska
Product Manager
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Karol Łoś
Product Manager
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Michał Skrok
Product Manager
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The Hytera E-Pack 100 DMR wireless ad-hoc repeater is a versatile and flexible communication system that can be deployed efficiently and effectively in the field. This makes the system extremely useful for police or military use, search and rescue missions etc.

The E-Pack 100 repeater can be used as a radio to make and receive calls, and it can also create a wireless Ad-Hoc network to route voice. Using Hytera's IP (Intellectual Patent), one E-Pack 100 can be used as a radio, repeater and a mesh node with one frequency. The E-Pack 100 is IP67 rated, allowing for use in even the harshest environments, while its compact size gives it a portability ideal for carrying in a backpack or transporting in a vehicle.

Key takeaways from the video interview with Hytera product manager Chris Cant

Chris Cant: "It's a digital wireless repeater, based on DMR Tier 2 technology. It utilises mobile ad-hoc networking to allow you to conect up to 32 nodes, which will allow you to form a wireless network.

"[The key features of the product are] the compactness of the product, its ease of deployment. You can mount it in a vehicle easily; you can carry it in a backpack.

"Because of the ad-hoc repeater functionality it's easy for fast networking. If you have inter-connected E-Packs they link together easily through the protocol, and if you happen to lose a link to one, it can connect to another, so in other words it has a self-healing network. 

"Within it there's the capability to put a SIM card so therefore you can have a GSM as a link back-up, so if you lost connectivity to your E-Packs, you can regain connectivity to them through a GSM link.

"It's IP67, so it's incredibily rugged, and built for harsh conditions, and it also has GPS capability, so you can see the location of your radios and your E-Packs in the network."

Interviewer: "Where would you deploy this product?"

Chris Cant: "It has a lot of different applications actually, because of its capabilities, but I can think of examples [such as] tunnels, and buildings, where you deploy this without the need for any cable in between, because you've got the wireless networking. So that saves on huge infrastructure costs and installation costs. Then if you think about its emergency functionality: search and rescue, disaster recovery, like earthquakes..any natural disasters - E-Pack stands for "emergency"."

GSM Link As Backup

The E-Pack 100 wireless ad hoc repeater features an embedded GSM Card. This means that if an E-Pack node is away from the network, a call can be made using the public network, connecting to any other E-Pack node on the network. This ensures that radios within its coverage can communicate together.

Highly Reliable Networking

The E-Pack 100 provides a highly reliable network and if an E-Pack node within a network moves away or malfunctions, voice traffic will automatically route to another E-Pack 100. This action guarentees link continuity.

Blind Area Coverage

The E-Pack 100 features high output power communications which are not affected by the area's terrain, building design or obstacles.

A typical application would be to use the E-Pack 100 within tall buildings. Normally you would find that within tall buildings the single level is reduced. This is due to space propagation and obstacle penetration losses. Using the E-Pack 100 achieves smooth communication between basement and building roof.

Key Features

  • Based On DMR Tier II
  • A Maximum Of 32 Devices For Wireless Topology Networking
  • Link Automatic Detection
  • IP67 Rating
  • MIL-STD-810G
  • Built-In GPS Module
  • Digital Text Information
  • Stun and Inhibit
  • GSM Link As Backup
  • Can Work Independently
  • Software Encryption
  • One Channel For Voice Call
  • Device Alarm
  • LAN Network Management

Package Includes

  • E-PACK 100 Unit
  • Battery
  • Palm Microphone
  • Power Adapter
  • Power Line (AC Input)
  • Power Line (DC Input)
  • Power Line (Output)

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