Motorola DP2400e Mototrbo Handheld Two-Way Radio
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Motorola DP2400e Mototrbo Handheld Two-Way Radio UHF DMR

The Motorola DP2400e is a compact and lightweight digital two way radio that provides fantastic performance at competitive pricing. 

550 $

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The Motorola DP2400e is a compact and lightweight digital two way radio that provides fantastic performance at competitive pricing. The DP2400e is a feature-rich, next generation E model that provides 8% better coverage over standard digital technology. The DP2400e features best-in-class audio quality, an impressive IP67 rating for water proffing and dust resistance, plus very robust casing. The Motorola DP2400e handheld radio is the replacement model for the Motorola DP2400.

The DP2400e is a high-powered handheld two-way radio that uses TDMA digital technology, delivering twice the calling capacity and a clearer voice transmission. Another impressive feature is the impressive battery performance from Motorola DP2400e, going for 40 percent longer between recharges over standard analogue and delivering up to 28 hours of battery life with optional Li-Ion battery upgrades.

Seen as an ideal solution to slowly migrate to digital, the Motorola DP2400e allows for new radios to be programmed in analogue mode and when the time arrives it's easy to switch them to operate in digital mode.

This radio now benefits from premium Motorola features that previously had to be purchased and activated. 

Key Features

  • UHF (403-527Mhz)
  • 16 Channels
  • IP67 rating for water-proofing and dust ingress
  • Tri-colour LED for clear feedback
  • Large, textured push to talk button
  • Group, individual and all-call capability
  • PTT ID
  • Remote monitor features
  • Channel Scanning
  • 5 Tone functionality
  • Basic privacy
  • Enhanced privacy via software purchase
  • VOX capability
  • Transmit interrupt via software purchase
  • Intelligent audio
  • TIA4950 HazLoc certification options
  • Direct mode (including dual capacity direct mode)
  • IP site connect (single and multi site)
  • Capacity plus (single and multi-site) via software purchase
  • Support for vibrating belt clip

Package Includes

  • Handheld Radio
  • Antenna
  • Battery
  • Dust Cover
  • Belt clip
  • Charger and cable
  • Instructions/Warranty

Data sheet


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